By William Wolf

THE BEST TEN FILMS OF 2014  Send This Review to a Friend

Selected from films released in New York City during the year and listed in order of preference..

1. Selma

2. Two Days, One Night

3. Belle

4. Pride

5. Force Majeure

6. The Imitation Game

7. The Theory of Everything

8. Citizenfour

9. Mr. Turner


Other distinguished films of 2014 include in no special order:

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry; Life Itself; Art and Craft; Viva La Libertá, American Sniper; Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles; Life of Riley; The Blue Room; Love is Strange; Top Five; Le Chef; Magic in the Moonlight; Whiplash; Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance; Ida; The Lunchbox; Chinese Puzzle; The French Minister; Violette; Rosewater; Shadows From My Past; Fading Gigolo; Nightcrawler; Still Alice; Foxcatcher; Unbroken; Leviathan; Gloria; Like Father, Like Son; Into the Woods; Big Eyes; Winter Sleep; Flamenco Flamenco; Wild; Calvary; The Railway Man; The Grand Budapest Hotel; The Last of the Unjust; A Short History of Decay; A Most Violent Year; and Honey.


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