By William Wolf

NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL 2014--TWO SHOTS FIRED  Send This Review to a Friend

Lots of talk and the two shots in the title don’t add up to much in writer-director Martin Rejtman’s import from Argentina, shown at the 2014 New York Film Festival. Mariano (Rafael Federman), a 16-year-old, after coming across a gun in is house, decides to shoot himself. One shot just grazes his head, the other bullet appears to have stuck in his chest. Had his aim been better, it might have saved us from the inconsequential stuff that follows.

Why Mariano shot himself is never explained. Instead, the situation results in meeting various characters, including his dog, his mother (Susana Pampin) and assorted acquaintances. A holiday that mom takes has its complications.

Some of what occurs is funny, which at least makes those parts of the film watchable. The cast is efficient, but the problem with “Two Shots Fired” is that whatever Rejtman had in mind, the result is an amiable misfire. Reviewed October 22, 2014.


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