By William Wolf


Each year there appear to be more and more stars drawn to the Toronto International Film Festival, and the 2014 edition continued the tradition. The magnetic lure of the Festival for promotional purposes is an indication of how important TIFF has become on the international scene.

Fans crowd the theaters for glimpses of those walking the red carpets, and people take special pleasure with sightings abut town during the course of the Festival. The press gets to meet some of them at press conferences, and in many cases, via special one-on-one interviews.

For the record, in no particular order of importance, here is a listing of some of those who turned up in Toronto during the Festival:

Julianne Moore; Reese Witherspoon; Benedict Cumberbatch; Keira Knightly; Mark Ruffalo; Channing Tatum; Jennifer Aniston; John Cusack; Rose Byrne; Willem Dafoe; Chris Evans: Ethan Hawke; Sam Worthington; Eddie Redmayne; Andrew Garfield; Amanda Seyfried; Chris Rock; Naomi Watts; Vera Farmiga.

Robert Downey Jr.; Robert Duvall; Vincent D’Onofrio; David Dobkin; Jason Reitman; Adam Sandler; Jennifer Garner; Rosemarie DeWitt; François Ozon; Romain Duris; Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace; Kevin Costner; Octavia Spencer; Mpho Koaho; Al Pacino; Holly Hunter; Denzel Washington; Matthew Warchus; Bill Nighy; Jason Bateman; Tina Fey; Jane Fonda; Steve Carrell; Vanessa Redgrave; Anthony Michael Hall.

Laura Dern; Nick Hornby; David Cronenberg; Olivia Williams; Matthew Goode; Michael Shannon; Benicio del Toro; John Travolta; Christopher Plummer; Jennifer Connelly; Anthony Mackie; Felicity Jones; Anna Kendrick; Justin Theroux; Elizabeth Banks; Jenna Malone; Gugu Mbatha-Raw; Minnie Driver.

Jon Stewart; James Franco; Toby Maguire; Hailee Steinfeld; Allen Leach; Jake Gyllenhaal; Kristen Wiig; Jessica Chastain; Morgan Freeman; Bill Murray; Adam Driver; Kevin Kostner; Kate Beckinsale; Rosario Dawson; Chloe Grace Moretz; Barry Levinson; Greta Gerwig; Salma Hayek; Dustin Hoffman; Juliette Binoche.

And many more. You get the idea. Posted October 11, 2014.


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