By William Wolf

NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL 2013--ALAN PARTRIDGE  Send This Review to a Friend

British actor Steve Coogan, who has played many comedy roles and this year turns up in a serious part in “Philomena,” has long been known for the character Alan Partridge that has kept British television audiences in stitches for years. Now, at last on the big screen, audiences here can see what all the laughter has been about. Showcased at the 2013 New York Film Festival, “Alan Partridge,” directed by Declan Lowney from a screenplay by five authors, including Coogan, sets up a nutty situation that gets nuttier.

Coogan as Partridge is a talk show host downgraded from television to a regional radio spot. Wherever he is, he has a way of tumbling into ineptitude and saying the wrong things. Trouble is brewing at the station where he now works. Also very funny Colin Meaney as the embittered DJ Pat Farrell, pursuing a grievance, seizes the staff at gunpoint and the spotlight falls on Partridge to try to save the comically perilous situation.

One ridiculous incident after another occurs, with Partridge at the center, and the comedy gets extremely slapstick, including with a dash of British-favored toilet humor.

Although the director and writers are hard-pressed to keep the romp up at top level, the Partridge character is enjoyable, and Coogan shows his mastery by being extremely funny much of the time. He is very versatile, as he has proved in numerous movies, and it is nice to see him transport Partridge to this side of the pond. Laughter is guaranteed. Posted November 30, 2013.


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