Thanks to C-CAP, the nationally-acclaimed Careers Through Culinary Arts Program and the supporters who help implement its work, a new group of high school students are going on to scholarships that may give them eventual entry into food serivice careers.

There were many happy faces among students and their teachers attending C-Cap's annual awards breakfast (June 11, 2002), this year at the Tavern on the Green and jointly presented by C-CAP and The New York City Board of Education. Scholarships totaling $260,000 were awarded on the basis of a culinary competition last May hosted by the Institute of Culinary Education. Students had to prepare Poulet Chasseur with Pommes Chateau and Crepes Sucree with Crème Patissiere and Sauce Chocolat from memory in two hours.

The breakfast event was chaired by Richard Grausman, founder and president of C-CAP, which conducts its program in 38 New York schools, as well as in schools in many cities throughout the United States. More than 800 scholarships worth some $8 million have been awarded nationally since the organization's inception in 1990. Many students have gone on to important career jobs.

The scholarships awarded at this year's New York ceremony ranged up to $40,000, with numerous institutions participating. One award provides for two students, accompanied by their teacher, to study cooking for a week in London at the Cordon Bleu school. The guest speaker at the breakfast was Gerry Fernandez, president of the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance, who, based on his personal success story, gave students a pep talk about how to make the most out of life personally and in their chosen professions. For C-CAP information phone 212-873-2434. Web address: www.ccapinc.org.

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